HT Solito

"HT E-Solito" has been put into the service of many customer groups in the textile sector for its economic advantages and the opportunities it will provide with its defined label. The concept of being economic in the machine-manufacturing sector has started to be used more nowadays, compared to the past, in terms of the gains and efficiency it provides to the end-user in material terms.

So, how do we describe the concept of being economic for a dyeing machine? Shortly, it is the energy and environmental performance of the textile machine in the facility. Time-saving though easy usage, economic benefit in a positive direction with low maintenance cost, and minimum amount of waste left in the environment by different use processes it has. On the other hang, due to the lack of internationally accepted standards, more duties are expected from us, the textile machine manufacturers, compared to the past, in terms of increasing the energy and environmental performances of textile machines, and we are aware of manufacturing more economic products in that sense

  • Opportunity to recover your Initial Investment Costs in maximum 6 months
  • Opportunity of min. 50% labor-saving
  • Opportunity 50% space-saving on site or in your existing space
  • Opportunity to save 50% from your spare part costs
  • Advantage of early delivery of your product to your customer with our Short Process features